Engineering Human Performance


Engineering Human Performance is one of several Learning Communities sponsored by the College of Engineering, and is the perfect fit for students with an interest in the unique intersection between engineering and the world of athletics and human performance.

As part of this community, you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiences, such as tours of athletic facilities to learn about the engineering that goes into their design and construction. You will also have opportunities to engage with the one-of-a-kind athletic and academic research partnerships of the Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior and Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab, where you will learn about the cutting-edge ways that engineering can be used to enhance student-athlete performance.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to participate in events with the other engineering-focused Learning Communities: Engineering RoboticsEngineering to Change the World, and Programming and Building the Future: Computer Science & Computer Engineering. These events include everything from networking opportunities with professional engineers and engineering faculty, to our annual cardboard boat races (pictured here). This fierce competition pits teams of Learning Community students against one another to see whose boat constructed of only cardboard and duct tape is the most seaworthy. The Engineering Human Performance Learning Community is open to engineering majors in every field, as well as students who aren't yet sure which career path within engineering is right for them.

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