Lincoln Bike Kitchen



The Lincoln Bike Kitchen is a community bike shop that provides refurbished bikes and parts to community members so anyone that wants to be biking can be, for free. It is run entirely by volunteers and supported by donations (bikes, parts, tools, money) from the community. By combining free access to professional tools with a team of knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers, we also aim to assist others in developing the basic maintenance skills that will keep their bikes rolling for a lifetime. While serving here, you'll be able to assist others with their own bikes, refurbish bikes for donation to other charities, maintain and organize the shop space, and work with other volunteers to facilitate program operations. Volunteers are always welcome during our regular hours; just walk in! No bike knowledge is necessary because everyone learns as they go! The only requirement is a willingness to learn, teach, and respectfully work with a diverse group.
30 People | 107 Impacts | 387 Hours

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