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St. Monica's Behavioral Health for Women



St. Monica's is a behavioral health treatment organization dedicated to serving women, giving them a safe place to stay, and the skills they need to change their own lives. Women of all cultures are served, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, or education. St. Monica's accepts women age thirteen and over, who are diagnosed with substance abuse and/or co-existing mental health issues, and who meet admissions criteria. Women can refer themselves or they may obtain a professional referral from a physician, counselor or attorney. While serving at St. Monica's, you'll have the opportunity to be involved with medical support staff, patient and family contact, public relations, and office and clerical support. This is an excellent opportunity for medical, psychology or social work majors . Long-term (semester) commitments are available. Service issues that are touched on include: health, violence, poverty/housing, and education.

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