Keep US Fed Montgomery County



Keep US Fed Montgomery County gathers surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, etc. keeping it out of the landfill and delivering it to area charities serving people in need.

All that we need to get things started is for you to sign up to Shadow a pickup.

  • You have a chance to learn what is involved and make sure that it is something that you would enjoy

  • We have an opportunity to understand what you are looking for from your volunteer experience.

  • Email to get connected with someone who can help you learn first-hand what we do.

  • Call 936.206.3604 to speak to one of our volunteer administrators to learn more information or ask your specific questions.

Once you have shadowed pickup we will walk you through the rest of the steps to get signed up.

  • Creating an account in GivePulse to sign up for events

  • How to earn your Food Handlers Certificate ($7 every two years)

KUSF Montgomery County looks forward to you helping with this great project.

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