University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jenna Stevens

Jenna @ Morrill Hall

In these volunteer hours, I continued to transcribe the video titled "June Investigates Fireflies". I transcribed a little over 10 minutes of the video in these volunteer hours. I feel like I am getting into a rhythm of this speaker's voice, but in thee volunteer hours it was a bit difficult to always hear what she was saying because she wasn't on screen at all times. For about 5 minutes that I transcribed, the speaker was not shown on screen but was talking in depth about the anatomy of a firefly in comparison to other insects. When the speaker was off screen, it was harder to get exactly what she was saying because I couldn't read her lips at all, and also because she was using some scientific terms that I hadn't heard before. I hope that in my final volunteer hours I am successful and use what I learned in these hours to finish my time volunteering for Morrill Hall successfully.

Gave 4.00 hours on 10/22/2020 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (102) - Section 701