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I am a Political Science and Sociology major from Omaha, NE.

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PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001

Serving Friendship Home in preparation for safe Quarters with Pepsi Scholars was a great experience. This was my first time! We put together boxes of t-shirts, fliers, and buckets for all of the different teams. I enjoyed seeing everyone work together, and it was neat to see what goes on behind the scenes for Safe Quarters prep.

Gave 2.00 hours on 10/03/2019 with Friendship Home, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Serve at the Husker Civic Challenge Fair
Serve at the Husker Civic Challenge Fair
Serve at the Husker Civic Challenge Fair

This Impact is private

This Impact is private

Center for Civic Engagement

I really enjoyed staffing the N150 booth at Jazz in June. I will definitely be coming back next year!

Gave 2.00 hours on 06/25/2019 with Jazz in June, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
GivePulse profile picture of Thomas Shaffer Thomas Shaffer  5 months ago
Great job!! Looked like a lot of fun!!
Mandela Washington Fellowship

I had a great time meeting people today and teaching about GivePulse!

Did other training of 1.50 on 06/25/2019 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Center for Civic Engagement
Flood Serviceship Educational Training

I really liked the formatting of the webinars. I especially liked the video on vulnerability and how we should encourage each other to be vulnerable, as it increases happiness and life satisfaction. I also learned a lot about the foundations of leadership, community capitals (as well as other types of capital), and group dynamics. I can specifically apply the group dynamic lesson to what I am doing here in the center by communicating with my supervisor and peers effectively and encouraging new ideas. It was beneficial reflecting on my own community capitals and thinking about what drives community development.

Gave 2.00 hours between 06/12/2019 and 06/21/2019 with Nebraska Flood Recovery Serviceship, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Campus - Civic Engagement

This week, I created another GivePulse training handout, added serviceships events, added users to the NE Flood Recovery Serviceship group, and corresponded with my peers and site-supervisors to accomplish my goals for the week. I definitely learned how to multi-task better, which will be a useful skill in multiple areas of my life and personal development. Next week, I will try to be more specific with my instructions and training so people better understand what to do.

Gave 30.00 hours between 06/10/2019 and 06/14/2019 with University of Nebraska (NDRSC), University of Nebraska-Lincoln