Hello! I am a first-year student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall and pursuing a major in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, participating in my sorority's events, and helping others on campus. I grew up in a very small town in Western Nebraska and greatly enjoy being active in my community. I am excited to give back to my new community in Lincoln!


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    Stop, Serve & Mingle

    While I was the Stop, Serve, and Mingle event I had the opportunity to meet other students in my major and at UNL, while participating in service events. I made cards to veterans for Veteran’s Day and decorated bags that will go to a domestic violence shelter. I enjoyed this experience and meeting other students.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 11/08/2019 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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    Safe Quarters

    For Safe Quarters, I walked to houses with four of my peers and asked for donations for the Friendship Home organization. I was assigned to a certain area in Lincoln and walked door-to-door to fundraise for the Safe Quarters ralley. After, I went with Ashton to drop off the donations at Union College. I enjoyed getting to know other members in my group; however, at times, I did not feel safe in the area I was assigned.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 10/06/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001, Friendship Home
    PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001

    While volunteering for the Safe Quarters program, I traveled to Union College and helped prepare for the event. I counted envelopes, created volunteer bags, and helped put together the volunteer buckets for the participants. I also helped arrange items around the pick-up area so volunteers could have an easy experience when trying to pick up their items for the event. I enjoyed helping set up for the event and getting to know some of the other members in my class.

    Gave 2.50 hours on 10/03/2019 with Friendship Home, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Huskers Helping the Homeless

    While volunteering for Husker Helping the Homeless, I was stationed at a Supersaver in Lincoln and stood outside of the building asking customers for donations for the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach. I held up a sign that stated the cause I was volunteering for and had a milk jug that all of the donations were placed in. Afterwards, I traveled to a Union Bank location and turned in the money that I gathered. I enjoyed this experience and being able to meet other individuals who share the same interest as I do.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/28/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001
    Pepsi Scholars- Lincoln CAN 2019

    While volunteering at the Lincoln can, I greeted donors as they entered the donation site and informed them of where to go to drop off their items. It was amazing to see all of the organizations that donated food for the event and the large number of items that were donated. It was also fun to work with other volunteers and get to know them better!

    Gave 1.50 hours on 09/27/2019 with University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001
    9/11 National Day of Service

    While I was at the Help Center, I helped put away kitchen items on shelves for the buyers to purchase the following day while shopping. I also put out clothing for men, women, and children on the racks in the store. Volunteering at the Help Center allowed me to have a better idea of where many individuals get their every-day items and understand the importance that places like the Help Center play in their community. I enjoyed getting to know many of the staff that works there and other individuals that were within my group of volunteers.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/15/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001, Center for Civic Engagement
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    I helped set up for my sorority's event, Scoops for Schools, by moving tables at the event site and getting out the necessary materials for the event. I also helped move trash cans, and place table covers on the tables that the public used. I enjoyed getting to some of the other members in Gamma Phi Beta and talking with other people at the event.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/12/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001
    Serve at the Husker Civic Challenge Fair

    Volunteering at the Husker Civic Challenge allowed me to participate in meeting new people within the college and gain interest in other booths that were present. I helped pass out t-shirts to individuals who signed up to participate in the University's goal of completing 1.5 million community service hours and also assisted in the tear-down of the booths at the completion of the event. This experience allowed me to become involved in the UNL community and expand my knowledge of service opportunities through non-profit organizations within the community.

    Gave 1.17 hours on 09/04/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    I helped clean up my local fairgrounds in Sidney, Nebraska to help prepare for the Cheyenne County Fair the following week. I cleaned animal stalls and set up pens for the steers and sheep. I also helped clean the commercial building at the fair to prepare for the static exhibit display that would be set up for the fair. I enjoyed spending time with other 4-H members in my club and helping my community prepare for an important event.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 07/19/2019 with PEPSI SERVICE SCH (165) - Section 001